Step 8: Preparation

Preparing To Go Into The Home

Preparing To Go Into The Home

You’re almost ready for your first appointment.  Let’s go through a 3 step checklist to make sure you have everything you need.

Have the necessary applications & backups for your scheduled Appts.

Before going into the home, you want to make sure that you are prepared with the necessary paperwork, not only for the appointments that you went over with your mentor but also with back up applications in case the situation or product changes due to additional information the client gives you while you are in the home.  There are a couple ways you can do this. 1. Go to an office supply store and pick up an expandable file folder or file box to keep in your car. You DON’T want to walk into the home carrying this with you of course, as you will look like a traveling salesman, which is NOT the first impression you want to give as you walk into a potential clients home.   2. Download all of the applications to an iPad using the app “Notability” (you can learn more about this option in Step 6).

Below are the applications you should have with you along with the questionnaires.  If you do not have them printed out already, please do so now.

Applications you will need printed & with you

Have your scripts printed, reviewed, and studied on what you will say in the home

The following scripts are the scripts you want to make sure to print out, study, and take with you, as this is your guide to how the presentation will go in the home. In the beginning, many agents have the scripts right in front of them (hidden behind their computer or in their presentation folder)  to reference and make sure to stay on track. Print off the following scripts, review, study &  take with you.

Always remember to create the VALUE and find out their WHY?

Now that you are prepared to go into the home, remember that you are there to address a need that your client is or was concerned about.  It’s best if you go in with the mindset that you are NOT there to SELL anything, but rather to find out what their concern is for wanting to put coverage in place to protect their family and helping them to customize the coverage that best fits their needs and fits into the budget.

As Nate Auffort is Quoted Saying: “I will tell you, as I tell every one of my clients, “budget” is a loaded word, as we all budget for things WE see VALUE in.  Some people budget $150/mo for a cell phone or $100/mo to watch tv, while others may think $150/mo for a cell phone is crazy, yet those same people may budget $500/mo to go out to eat or even on alcohol. I have made the mistake before, so I am not going to do it again, in terms of determining  what VALUE you place on the protection of you and your family or even the value you place on your wife or families life, but rather present all the options you qualify for and then allow YOU to customize the coverage that best fits YOUR needs and what VALUE you see in it.”

We cannot stress enough that the MAJOR area that most agents fail to do well in the beginning, is to REALLY find out and PULL OUT the clients Why. WHY did they fill out this form? WHAT was their concern? Example, “HOW would it look for you (fill in their name) if we were having this conversation without (fill in their spouse’s name) here, and they had passed away yesterday? Would it be tough financially for you to stay in the home or to keep the house?”  Would it be somewhat of a financial hardship on you? Most of the time that answer is an astounding YES! “WELL (fill in their name) what would you have to do in order not to lose your home?” And if your home or a portion of your home was paid off, or even if the mortgage payments were made for you for a set period of time allowing you enough time to make Logical decisions vs emotional decisions, how would that affect your situation in the event of your spouse’s death? Let them answer, and paint the picture of what their life would look like WITH this product in place and more importantly what it may look like WITHOUT!

Listen to the following audio before going on your appointment