Step 9: Submission

Submitting Your Completed Applications To The Carrier

Steps To Submitting Your Business

Scrub Your App

Compare your completed application with the corresponding sample application below to make sure everything is filled out correctly.  Not having it filled out correctly will delay the approval process and it’s much easier to take care of that before submitting the app. We recommend going line by line, looking for any missed boxes, signatures, dates, etc.  See the sample apps below. If the Sample app, corresponding to the application you have written is not below, reach out to your mentor or manager to have them send you an example of one they may have written.

Scan Your Application (if paper application)

If you don’t have a scanner you can use your smart phone by downloading an app call Doc Scanner or CamScanner.  This will allow you to take pictures of each page and save it as one pdf document.  You can then email it to yourself so you can access it on your computer. You’ll need the application to be in electronic format (preferably pdf).

Upload Application To Opt!

Now it’s time to upload your application on the Opt! Watch the video to the right to learn how to upload your application.  After both you and the person you are working with have Scrubbed your Application, you will then enter the application into OPT.  (It is important to understand that it is NOT the job of the manager to scrub your app, but the job of YOU and YOUR MENTOR to make sure the application is filled out correctly before submitting it in OPT for your manager’s approval.)

Once your app has been submitted in OPT!  your Manager will either approve it or reject it.  If it’s rejected,  you will receive an email explaining why it’s not in good order and you will need to correct the mistakes and resubmit.  If it’s approved, it will be sent to the carrier and you’ll receive an email saying it was approved.  If for whatever reason you do not see this within 24-48 hours, please reach out to your mentor to bring it to your manager’s attention.  It is VERY important to watch the video tutorial BEFORE submitting your applications!

Watch Video Below

Submit Your Business & Numbers On

This is a necessary and VERY IMPORTANT part of the process, as your promotions, contest winnings, Leaderboards, credit from SFG for the apps written, spreadsheet reconciliation, & even unlocking KEY and Advanced training on this website, are ALL dependent on you submitting your applications on & as well as filling in your Weekly Report.

Fill in the Weekly Report      Watch Video->

Please fill in your weekly numbers by Friday at 5 pm. DO NOT put anything in the PPL Column as the spreadsheet as it will automatically calculate it for you. If your name is NOT on the list you can type it in. Also, MAKE SURE you are entering in your numbers on the correct week, which for example, the month and date listed at the bottom is the date of the Friday of each turn in. Watch the short instructional video on how to update the weekly report.

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Find Your Manager Below To Access The Correct Report

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