Outline to 2nd Interview

Make sure to listen to the videos above on how to effectively explain each step

  • Scale of 1-10 

  • PT/FT?

  • WHY Symmetry?  What do you want to get from us/Symmetry?

    •  We are your personal Trainers

    •  Were going to Fill out the Outlining Your Success Worksheet and show you a blueprint

    • You want to Build an 8,000 Square Foot House or an 800 square foot house it doesn't make a difference for us

    • You have to bring the right tools to build the house

    • We will carry 50% of the bricks as long as you are willing to carry the other 50%

    • The moment we feel like your not carrying the 50% of the bricks you agreed to carry I need to have your permission to have an adult conversation without you getting your feelings hurt or getting egos involved

    • So what is it that you want out of Symmetry? Why are you doing Symmetry (This will give you their superficial short term why)

  • What is their Financial Freedom Number

    • I like to call us Financial Freedom Fighters, Some people confuse the word financial freedom.  Financial Freedom is NOT having a million dollar home, a bunch of nice cars, and a full-time staff to take care of you, although that stuff isn't bad. Financial Freedom by its very definition is " Having enough money coming in to cover your basic necessities whether you work or not"  That's it! It doesn't mean you stop working, however, you do have the freedom that if something comes up in your life that requires your full attention or for some reason you are unable to work that month that you are secure in the fact that your basic necessities are covered.  What is that number for you?  The amount of money you would need to have coming in to cover your basic necessities whether you personally went to work or not?

  • Uncovering their Real WHY

    • Fast forward 5-10 years, you are making (take their Financial Freedom number and times it by 5 or 10.  For example, if they have to make $5,000 a month to cover basic necessities, jump that number up to $25,000/mo or even higher based on their personality type)  (Cover all their superficial why's and then ask the question that will uncover their true passion or longterm why.) So let's say you're making $25,000 a month, you have the cars you want, the home, the money set aside for your kid's college, you're traveling around the world with your family ( cover everything they said on why they are doing this business) What now?  what does (their name) life look like?  What passions do you have or things that you have always dreamed about accomplishing that time or money got in the way of?  (this is where you will find what TRULY is their motivation far beyond the superficial trappings of success.  This is what you can always go back to in order to remind them of WHY they are doing this business when times get tough.  Don't glaze over this as this is the most important part of the i2nd interview.  Write it down on their EMQ so that the person doing your GamePlan will be able to reference it as they create their combination to their safe.)

  • The 3 Non-Negotiables

    • Now that you have opened up their dream space, its time to go over with them what it is going to take to have success with our Agency.

      1. Plug into all the conference calls

      2. Be at the 4 main Events a Year:   2 for Symmetry, and 2 for SWAT ( Edify the next upcoming Event and make sure they get singed up for it)

      3. Finance your business. Have enough money set aside to have at least 1 -1 1/2 months of leads to survive your learning curve.

  • The Importance of Building an Agency Now

    • If they indicated that they were a Type B Agent on the EMQ and want to build a team, this would be a good time to plug in some stories of those who started right away building a team vs those who didn't and waited.