Welcome Appointment Setters!  This page will walk you through the basics of how to call and set appointments for insurance agents to sell mortgage protection and final expense life insurance.  Watch all of the videos and listen to all of the audios below to learn exactly what to say on the phone and how to use the appointment setting software.

Intro to the Virtual Mentor Power Dialer

Mortgage Protection Scripts

Below are the phone scripts for mortgage protection. There are basically two different types of leads: new leads (called “A leads”) and not so new leads (called “bonus leads” or “B leads”).  The scripts are basically the same except for the intro when you’re finding out if they remember filling the form out and how you respond to their answer.  Study the scripts below so you’re comfortable with them.

Click here to see a sample lead

Mortgage Protection A Leads Phone Script

Mortgage Protection Phone Script -Bonus/Older Leads

Mortgage Protection Call-In Phone Script

Stephanie Lynch audio:

Stephanie Lynch is an appointment setter who has an EXCELLENT appointment ratio! Her appointments show up and they respect the agent’s time and are ready to purchase. Listen to this audio on what her secrets are when she calls her leads.

Mortgage Protection Direct Mail

Direct mail leads are generated by sending new home owners and people that refinanced a letter offering them mortgage protection insurance. Listen to the audios below to learn the most effective way to call them and schedule appointments.

Mortgage Protection Call-In

Call-in leads are generated by sending new home owners (or people that recently refinanced) a postcard in the mail about getting information on Mortgage Protection. The script is the same as the other mortgage protection script EXCEPT for the intro. Get more info online.

What clients hear when they get a postcard:

Listen to the intro to call-in leads:

Final Expense

Final expense insurance is an insurance policy used to pay for funeral services and a burial when the named insured dies. Such a policy helps ease the financial burden placed on a family when a loved one dies.  Final expense insurance allows the named insured to feel safe knowing that funeral-related expenses are covered regardless of the statutes of their estate at the time of death.
The Art of Selling Final Expense with Matt & Brad Smith

Final Expense – Sample Lead

Final Expense – Phone Script

When to call

Because you’re getting paid for the number of appointments you set, you’ll want to call during times when you can get a hold of the most number of people.  Some people are more concerned about only working Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm.  The problem is that’s when other people are working too and may not answer their phone.  You may book one appointment per hour if you’re only calling during those times, where you may book 3-5 appointments per hour if you’re getting a hold of more people when you’re calling.  We have found, after countless hours of calling, that the BEST TIMES to call are on Friday between 2pm-8:30pm, Saturdays from 8:30am-6pm, and Sunday from 1pm-7pm.  Not only are more people home, but Friday afternoon is when agents are uploading their new leads into the system so you’ll be calling the freshest leads.  Don’t think that the weekends are the only times to call, because there are some people that won’t answer the phone on the weekends and will only answer during the week so it’s important to call during the week too.  The most important thing to remember is you must make sure the agents are getting their target number of appointments.