Brittany Santos- 1st Interview Script

We have just about 15 minutes set aside and I really just want to make the best of it and establish what you are currently doing, why you’re looking for something different, and what interested you in Symmetry. I also would like to talk a little bit about our culture.

What are you currently doing and why are you looking for something different?

What interested you in Symmetry?


About our culture, there are a couple of things that set us apart.

People say that what draws them to us is we thrive on teamwork. We are very teamwork-oriented and you, oftentimes I hear people coming from other agencies or other professions is that they were isolated and on an island by themselves and they had to figure out how to do everything by themselves. We are really not about that around here and as cliche as it sounds, we really become like a big family around here. That’s one thing that sets us apart.

The 2nd thing is we do the right thing even when no one is looking. Other people said to me that “my company wanted me to write this product because it was better for the company and I was going to get paid more.” I’m going to tell you that we don’t do any of that around here. We treat every client as if they were our own mother or father.

So I just wanted to let you know upfront of those couple of things that set us apart without you having to ask the question.

How would you define a good culture within a company?

The 1st interview isn’t meant to accomplish a whole lot, its just meant to see what kind of fit you are from a cultural standpoint. If your values line up with the type of people we are looking for, because we are not just looking for someone with a pulse, then that’s the point of moving forward.

I’d like to set up a 2nd interview, which is more of an in-depth interview lasting about 40 minutes long. Before that interview, there are 3 things I would like for you to do. Watch our new corporate video and also recorded webinar that goes over ins and outs and listen to a couple testimonials. I want you to write down every single question that you can think of like leads, commissions, products, etc.

I really want you to interview me because it’s not just about us choosing you, it’s about you choosing us as well. It’s a volunteer army and you’ve got to want to be here. How does that sound to you?

I am also going to send you a link to the 5 voices assessment. I want you to go there and take that short assessment. Its kinda like personality typing, if you will, it just a self-development company we are partnered with that we really value. Don’t worry, we are not filtering through and saying we don’t want this type or that type, it’s just so we can connect with you on a deeper level. You can either email me the results or you can just tell me what they are at the beginning of the next interview.


  • Listen & ask questions. Identify their “Why”
  • Talk about resume and let them tell you their struggles and need, or want, for change.
  • What did you like / dislike about what you’ve done? (This is the Why)
  • What specifically are they looking for in their next career?
Kate Wehr- Example First Interview

The 1st interview (15-2o min max)

When you have set up an interview, you are in essence only doing 2 things at this time:  #1 Uncovering their “why” and #2 Establish that Symmetry can get them what they want.  You do these by doing the following.
“You seem like the type of person we’re looking for with ________ and ________ (integrity, strong work ethic, good with people, or whatever qualities you think accurately represent them).   I think we’ve established that Symmetry can help you get __________ without __________ (insert the the things they said they liked and disliked).  So let’s go ahead and schedule a 2nd interview for the next day or two, where we’ll have more time to dig into more of the details and answer more of your questions.  We do interviews on _______ and _______, which of those days works better for you?” 

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