What does it mean to get “Appointed”?

In order to write business with our more than 4+ dozen Carriers, you must be appointed or introduced to them. This is done through the contracting process and the corporate office. Once you have submitted a complete contract, we will hold that information until you write business with the Carrier for the first time. We will then submit the required information to the Carrier on your behalf. The appointing process is only done 1 time per Carrier.

Our core carriers are American Amicable, Foresters, Mutual of Omaha, and Americo.

Contracts to these carriers are sent out with a first-time lead purchase.  National Life Group is only sent to agents with proof of E&O coverage.

Do I need to do anything to be appointed with the Core Carriers?

We currently write business with more than 3 dozen A++ rated Carriers, including our core carriers, American Amicable, Mutual of Omaha, Americo, and Foresters.  In order to submit business, you must be appointed with the Carriers.

In an attempt to keep this process simple for you, the corporate office will be handling all of your appointments when you purchase leads for the first time.  States that require pre-appointment with Carriers will be handled automatically by the corporate contracting office.

You will receive the following email from our corporate contracting department:

For specific information on each Carrier, visit sfglife.com, login, and choose the Carriers tab.


10% (from 60% start to 70% start) Contract raises apply to the following products:

American Amicable

  • Dignity Solutions (FE) 5pts
  • Express Term 20/30yr (Term) 5pts
  • Home Certainty (Term) 10pts
  • Survivor Protector (Term) 10pts
  • Secure Life Plus (UL) 25pts


  • Eagle Premier Age60-80 (FE) 5pts
  • HMS Plus 100 (Term) 10pts
  • HMS Plus 125 (Term) 10pts
  • HMS Plus Pmt Protector (Term) 10pts
  • HMS Plus CBO (UL) 10pts
  • HMS Plus Cont & Pmt Pro Cont (WL) 10pts

John Hancock

  • Simple Term 10-30yr (Term) 10pts

Mutual of Omaha

  • Living Promise Level Age45-85 (FE) 5pts
  • Living Promise Graded Age45-80 (FE) 2.5pts
  • Term Life Express 10-30yr (Term) 10pts


  • Plan Right (FE) 5pts
  • Your Term 15-30 (Term) 5pts
  • Strong Foundation (Term) 10pts