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Step 1: Watch Orientation Webinar

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Step 2: Conference Call Schedule

Before diving in, the first thing you should do is save the conference call numbers and schedule them in your calendar.  If you’re not plugging into these calls on a weekly basis, you are missing out on one of the most valuable resources in Symmetry.  These conference calls give you an opportunity to hear from some of the most successful agents and managers in the company to help you significantly cut down on your learning curve.

Conference Call Schedules
Day/Time Type Of Call Phone Number Access Code Video Conference Link Add to Calendar
Sunday 9pm EST Master Agency Call 319-527-3214 None None Add Event to Calendar
Monday 12pm EST Colburn Agency Meeting Call 773-231-9226 834-617-5148# Video Conference Link Add Event to Calendar
Monday 10am EST SFG Training Call 701-801-1220 497-968-958# None Add Event to Calendar
Wednesday 12pm EST SFG Leadership Call 701-801-1220 497-968-958# None Add Event to Calendar
Wednesday 1pm EST SFG National Call 701-801-1220 497-968-958# None Add Event to Calendar
Thursday 10am EST Group Mentor Session – Skill Builder 773-231-9226 148-040-3774 Video Conference Link Add Event to Calendar
Friday 12:30pm EST Builder’s Video Conference 773-231-9226 149-225-1908 Video Conference Link Add Event to Calendar
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Step 3: SLACK
(Download the App & Join our Communication Platform)

It’s important to always stay connected and one of the ways of doing that is by joining our team #Slack chat group.  Click on the Apple or Android logo to the left to download the app to your smartphone/computer/tablet, then fill out the form below to request to be added to the groups.

Once you’ve been added, make sure that you update your profile picture and introduce yourself to the team.  This is the team’s platform for communication and it is vital that you engage in all of the channels of communication that we have available inside of SLACK.  Take the time to learn how to use SLACK properly in order to maximize your efficiency with keeping clear lines of communication open to the team. It’s helpful to see everyone’s wins, as well as the trials.

Please make sure that you provide a professional username/display name. 

This is what everyone on the team will see as part of your profile for everything that you respond too inside of SLACK. Best practice is to just use your First and Last Name.

We encourage you to scroll through the feed and see who the top earners are.  Keep in mind, agents you see posting numbers are taking home at least 50%+ of their APV value! (At a starting contract level of 60% and a 100% placement rate)

This is the reward for focusing on the right thing, HELPING PEOPLE!

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Step 4: Let’s Get Started…