Complete the form below and submit. You will be sent an official Symmetry Onboarding Contract Link.

  • The contract should take no longer than 48hrs to complete and submit.
  • You will be asked to do an American Amicable Anti-Money Laundering review course. Full instructions will be sent with the contract link.
  • You will create a team website login ( by submitting the form.
  • Copy the conference call schedule given for your specific team.

Complete the official Symmetry Onboarding Contract Link with all the required documents. Once all of the documents have been successfully submitted, you will receive Symmetry credentials usually within 48-72 hrs.


Training can be found on the main menu. To start, you will want to complete both “Learning the Basics” and “Production Academy”. Our site has lots of extra training and resources should you need additional information. See your sponsor to answer questions.

Join Calls & Webinars

You want to start plugging-in to your Agency-specific calls and webinars. It is important to add this schedule to your calendar. Calls and webinars are where you will get the greatest amount of support as well as stay connected to your team’s actions. All agencies provide team accountability, learning, and networking through the calls and webinars. Select your agency below to access their schedule and links. If you have any trouble, please contact your sponsor or Agency Owner.

Join Social Media

We feature all of our communications on both Facebook and Linkedin. Click below to join our Facebook and Linkedin pages. Also, see your Agency Owner for any special team pages.

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Find An Event

In addition to regular calls and webinars, we have special events scheduled throughout the year. Getting to the live events is how you ensure the greatest level of success with Symmetry Financial Group. The learning, networking, and resources gained at live events are unparalleled.

Time to order leads!!!

Your Sponsor will help you figure out how many leads you need and help you to set up the lead order. Once the first lead order is placed, you will start to receive information from our 6 core carriers. Simply fill out their required information and you will be ready to write business with that Carrier.

If you have questions about Carrier appointments, see the Resources tab under “Carriers & Commissions” or contact your sponsor.