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I am sure you remember in the video, (name) where they flashed up a form with a person’s name, birthdate, mortgage amount etc., they called it a lead, well I like to call it a form because on the other end of that lead is a family that needs protected. So basically what happens is those families are filling out a form that was mailed to them, filling it out in their handwriting and sending it back into us, expressing an interest in someone calling them to go over options for mortgage protection, so that in case of a death, disability, or a critical illness that their home is either paid off or the payments are made for them.  We also deal with Final Expense products, annuities, 401K rollovers, personal pension programs, leveraged planning and whole portfolio of financial products & services, but I just want to really focus on our core product, mortgage protection.

So with these forms getting mailed back to us, we are dealing with the 1% of the people who actually have an interest in our product.  It doesn’t mean they are jumping out of the phone saying thank God you called me, or hugging you at the door when you show up to their house, but we are dealing with the people who took the time to fill out a form and mail it back into us, which is weeding out the 99% of the people who have NO interest in our product. (name) Im sure you remember on the video when they talked about APV, well that’s just fancy insurance lingo for Annual Premium Volume. The average person spends about $80-$100 a month for this product, on the mortgage protection side. Take that and times it by 12 months, and that’s roughly a $1,000 in annual premium volume or APV.  So on a starting contract, you’re making right around $400-$600 for every policy that’s submitted and approved. For easy math, let’s call it $500 or half of the APV. For example if you go out and write $5,000 in business or 5 apps you will make roughly $2,500.

Most people get involved with Symmetry part time (name), they’ll go out and write between 5 to10 applications a month, working 1 to 2 days a week in the field.  They’re flexible, they set their own schedule, and on average help between 5 -10 families a month. Again, if you take half of that in terms of annual premium volume, they are making anywhere between $2-$4 thousand dollars a month.  The good part-time people may help 10-12 families a month earning roughly $4-$5k a month.

Now the full time people, they’re working about 2 to 3 days in the field helping on average 10-20 families and are writing anywhere between 10-20 thousand dollars a month in APV.  Now take half of that and that’s their income which is roughly between $5-$10k a month.  The really good full time people, the top of the top in the company, again were not going to talk about the big personal pension programs, or annuities, or retirement programs that carry really big APV numbers with them, I’m talking about just the basic $80/mo mortgage protection product, well they’re doing anywhere between 30-40 thousand a month in annual premium volume on a consistent basis, sometimes 50k a month on a good month.  So their income can be between 15k-20k thousand a month, sometimes even $30k a month if their the top of the top in the company.


(Name) Let me give you an idea of who you may have an opportunity to qualify to work with.  The gentleman that I have the honor to work directly with, and in the end is responsible for helping me have the success I am able to have with Symmetry, is Nate Auffort. Now,  Nate got involved with Symmetry without any experience in insurance industry, in home sales, or even calling any types of leads over the phone, but did have an extensive background in building, training sales organizations, and developing people. Even without any experience, His first week in the business he went out and did over $15,000 in APV & netted over $5,000. So basically in his first week he did what some of the full time people do in a month. The company was like who is this guy? He pretty much shattered all the company records doing over $50,000 in APV his first month, around $80,000 his first 6 weeks and had over $40,000 direct deposited into his bank account within his first 2 months with the company.  On a side note (name)  we actually get paid direct from the carriers, direct daily deposits,  so you can usually expect to see your deposit anywhere from 3-5 business days from when you submit an application, there is 1 carrier that  instant approves in the home and deposits in 24 hrs which is pretty awesome.  Now obviously what Nate did is above average and I’m not saying you are going to accomplish this, or even get close to it, you most likely won’t do that, I mean he broke almost every company record within his first 6 months in the business, but at least it  shows you whats possible.

Now here is what is so incredible about what Nate has done, Not only has he had some massive personal success, but more importantly he has created the fastest growing agency in the entire company, and was recognized as the #1 largest producing Agency Director in 2016 out of over 75 Agencies. 3 of the Top Ten Rookie Producers in the entire company, were personally trained by Nate, ( you can say their names, or say including me if you are them, Gus Villagran, Daniel, and Katrina Mills.) The 9 Agency Owners he trained in the last few years were All recognized at the last conference, 1 as one of the Top Producing Managers, 2 having the Top Producing Baseshops in the entire company, and 1 was even awarded the Impact Player of the Year Award out of 1500 agents. Because of Nate’s Outstanding contribution to the company, he was given presented the Leadership Award along with a gentleman that he coached and Mentored, Marlin Faulkner.

See this what I LOVE about Symmetry, Although Nate was 1 of the fastest Agents to reach the top contract level with the company, he also took Marlin  to the top with him, helping Marlin reach the top of the company only 4 short months later.  This is turned made Nate an Equity Partner with a 100 million dollar a year company and pays hime a % of the entire companies placed business.  When Nate found Marlin, he wasn’t even living at home with his wife and kids at the time, and had to borrow $300 from a friend just to pay his electric bill. Crazy enough, that friend that Marlin borrowed money from is now a Manager in his Agency and went from $600k – $2 Million in APV in just the last year.  Nate was able to work with Marlin and help him go from being broke,  to running a 5 million dollar agency in the last 4 years.   And now, besides being one of the largest agencies in the entire company, Marlin received the Highly respected Leadership Award this past conference. This is he impact that Nate has on the people he works with.


If you have one, and what I have done to help you accomplish with Symmetry (Brag a little on yourself in a humble way.  If you haven’t done so already, send me your story so I can help you with it.)

Tell Gus’s Story if you are doing Interviews for him

Gus’s Story

So the person I am actually helping do interviews is a man by the name of Gus Villagran, who also works directly with Nate.  Gus actually ran a successful health and nutrition store across south Florida for over 15 years and was semi retired in his late 30’s spending most of his time fishing on his boat of the coast of Miami.  Unfortunately 1 day he got a call from the owner of the gym that his stores were located in and was told that they had been bought out and that the new corporate conglamerent that purchased them had their own health and nutrition stores and that he had roughly 30 day sot vacate.  Basically his American Dream turned into a Nightmare. Overnight he went from being financially independent to having to sell his boat just to survive and get involved with Symmetry. Gus came in here his 1st year in 2016 and was the #2 Rookie Writer in the entire company writing over $250,000 in APV in just 12 months, he hit Agency Owner in record pace and more than doubled his Agency in Sales this past year.  So this is the caliber of individuals we get to work with (name).

Tell Ron’s Story if you are doing interviews for him

Ron’s Story

So the person I am actually helping do interviews is a man by the name of Ron Williams, who also works directly with Nate. Ron was actually one of the 1st people Nate introduced to Symmetry back in 2013 however Ron had the opportunity to become a partner withe a gentleman to go build a business in retirement protection, so he moved his family form CA to Kansas to pursue that career.  It just so happened that Ron faired very well and single handedly in less then 3 years and with less then 3 employees, built that company to the #1 Fastest Growing company in all of Kansas and more impressive the # 79 fastest growing company in America according to INC 5000’s List of the Fastest Growing Companies in America.  Well you may be wondering why Ron is selling mortgage protection now, well one word ….Ownership!  Prompted by his wife, Ron went to get the verbal ownership agreement or “hand shake” deal  he had with his partner and have it put in writing and instead he got a 12 page non compete stating if he wanted the $200,000 they owed him that he would need to sign the non compete and he was not ONLY not considered a partner, but wasn’t needed anymore.  Well when Ron Symmetry, it was no surprise that he was the Rookie Writer in the entire company his 1st month out, and now one of the Top Producing Agency Owner’s with the company as well.    So this is the caliber of individuals we get to work with (name)

Tell Edward’s Story if you have a highly educated individual on the phone. 

Edward’s Story

But really what got my attention was having the ability to go out and build an agency, where you have the opportunity to earn profits or overrides on your agents. Now you obviously don’t have to build an agency, but you can potentially earn a percentage based on their production, like a franchise, based on what they do.  A great example of this is Edward Pritchett, who has been involved with Symmetry for right around 5 years with the company  and probably has about 80-100 agents in his agency who submit at least 1 application a month. His organization is doing roughly between 1.5 million to 2 million  a month in business and he is averaging about a 5 -10% override on that. So if you think about what’s 10% of 1 million dollars every month, call it 5% and thats still huge, it really showed me what was possible in a rather short amount of time.

Plugin any Stories of people you have helped if applicable 


Bring them Back to Reality

These are obviously some incredible examples of “whats possible” I can also give you plenty of stories of people who came and in and quick before they got licensed, or got leads and never called anyone or decided to quit after 1 person told them no.  People ask us all the time….whats your “average guy do” well one of our company owner’s Casey Watkins put it the best “the average guy quits”   We aren’t looking for average, we are looking for above average, strategic business partners, that want to go out and build something that can create both money and time freedom in their lives, while at the same time taking a sincere interest in helping other people with both our services and as well as with their finances.

What value do they bring?

Right now I know Nate and ( Name of the person you are interviewing for)  is looking for a handful of people to work with and invest his/their time, along with mine, to create the next story or project as he/they likes to call it.  So without sounding rude, let me ask you a quesiton… based on Symmetry’s track recored and the success that Nate has not only been able to have for himself, but for everyone who has the opportunity to personally work with him, what value do you feel that you bring to the table that we should invest our time, energy, and effort into working with you, as opposed to somebody else? I guess In other words, what makes you valuable to us that  you would deserve Nate’s time and mentorship to help you accomplish what he has helped so many others accomplish?

Fair enough…..(insert your own dialogue based on the interaction such as…..I will make sure to pass that on to him……..based on that answer I don’t see why there would be any reason that you couldn’t be managing and training an agency in the next handful or months…..or if you can’t even come up with a good answer I really don’t think you are the type of person we are looking for….I think there is some good points that you have made and at the same time the fact that you have a full time job working 80 hours a week concerns me a little.  (GET CREATIVE)

Send them to the Conference Call on the home page of

So the next step of this process is probably one of the most important out of all of them. If you have a pen handy I want to give you a website to go to.  It’s This website was specifically designed with the new person in mind, and once you have access to the entire site, you will be guided through our exclusive 10 step sales system, which was mainly responsible for catapulting the SWAT TEAM to the fastest growing sales organization in all of Symmetry, documented.  When you go to the site, you will land on the home tab.  I want you to do 2 things on there, 1.take a look through the leaderboards. You will see weekly numbers, monthly numbers and even yearly numbers.  For just a quick reference, take about half of the number you see and thats right around what their income was for that week, or month just off what they wrote on personal business not counting their overrides on their agency.  Also keep in mind that some of those agents have worked their way up to 100% contracts. Underneath the leaderboards  is a recorded call titled “Is Symmetry right for you?” The gentlemen I spoke to you about, Nate, along with his business partners, Matt, and Brad, and even Marlin and some of the other managers  are the ones who did this call and they are going to explain to you a little bit more about who Symmetry is, but more importantly who THEY are, what our culture is like, and who we are looking for to be apart of our agency. We really look at like this as a marriage, and we want you to want to be married to us as much as we want to be married to you if that makes sense. Not everyone fits into our culture!

As I mentioned before, we really are NOT looking for everybody and we are pretty selective on who we bring on board with the team. We hear it all the time that “I’m your guy, I can sell ice to an eskimo. Well unfortunately we don’t live in Alaska and the last time I checked, eskimo’s have plenty of ice. We are looking for people who actually CARE about people.  If you truly don’t like helping people, then this business is NOT going to be for you. The call is about about 30 to 40 minutes long. so I need you to listen to it so you can see if you feel like you are going to be a good fit, and do you feel like you have the same vision as the people you are going to work with, because this is really a big step in the process. Because of the amount of people we are interviewing( or if you are setting up an interview for your upline edify how busy they are and the value of setting up an 2nd appt with them) I need you to listen to this call in the next 24 hours and if you have an interest in moving forward,  schedule your 2nd interview by tomorrow at 12 your time. I’m going to send you an email in the next 15-20 minutes with a re-cap of our conversation today along with 2 links at the bottom.  The first link will be the link with (my calendar or the calendar of the person you will be setting up the 2nd interview with) the 2nd link will be a link to click on if you are no longer interested.   If I DON’t see that you scheduled a 2nd interview by 12 CST time (or whatever time zone you are on) I will assume your not the person we are looking for and just move on, fair enough?

We aren’t looking for everybody:

(name) Just so you know what we are looking for right now is project that we can work with, to train and develop into the next  Gus, Ron, Inga, Katrina, Daniel etc.  There is a good chance, depending on how quickly you can get up and running that some of these people that get started after you could wind up in your agency, there is also a chance that you could wind up in theirs.  That’s not going to be up to me, that’s going to be up to you based on one and only one thing….Results.  I will look forward to doing a 2nd interview with you to let you know what the next steps are. Have a good day (name)