3. Join our Communication Platform

We would like you to connect with us in every way possible. The more involved and aware you are, the greater level of success you can achieve. This starts with opening the doors of communication. The following are used by our team to keep you informed and help you navigate your business. Please complete the following steps:

  1. Download and register for the necessary platforms.
  2. Send your first message to our backoffice
  3. Mark your calendar with weekly webinars and upcoming events



SWAT GroupMe Rules:

The SWAT TEAM is expanding at a rapid pace and have hundreds of members on this message board & growing daily.  There are a ton of new Agents getting started with our organizations at this point.   Although GroupMe is traditionally a “chat app” we have limited it to ONLY  posting Personal Production Numbers for the day or week & Important announcements from our Leadership Team.


With that said this message board is for 2 things and 2 things only!!

1. Managers and above, along with our Director of Operations Sarah Kate Segelquist , to post important announcements, conf calls, and upcoming events.

2. Licensed agents who are in the field running appointments and writing business, who have submitted apps, can post their numbers for the day/week in the following manner.


___Appts ____Doorknocks ___sits ____apps ____APV ( There is no need to add your own categories and post no shows, reschedules, Bam Fams, could of, would of, but didn’ts etc)



8 appts, 2 Doorknocks, 6 Sits, 4 apps, $3,876 apv  

Posts are to be done no earlier than 10:00 am CST and no later than 10:00 pm CST. Please be respectful of others.


Feel free to click the ♥️ button in support of a job well done. But do not post comments of any kind. If you need to communicate directly to an individual click on their profile pic to leave them a message or call them directly.

Groupme is used to connect you with other producers in the field. You are encouraged to post your numbers only. Its valuable to see others who are succeeding and know what to expect. We ask for numbers only as this channel is shared by hundreds of people. Download the app from your phones app or playstore.

Suggested format: #Appointments, #Sits, #Applications, $APV