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At Smith Master Agency, we prioritize work-life balance for our team while providing unparalleled training and support. Our agency fosters an environment that encourages personal and professional growth, while providing guidance on how to create a successful career in the insurance and finance industry. Our team is committed to ensuring that each client has a customized plan that meets their unique needs.

Welcome to the Tribe! 

Onboarding made simple


Download Checklist

This is a checklist of things you will do, to move you seamlessly through the onboarding process. We highly suggest printing this and checking off steps/tasks as they are completed.


Getting Connected

Download our webinar schedule and join us for the best-of-the-best training and support. Also, sign-up for live personal messaging on our team communication platforms.


Licensing & Contracting

Discount code given for approved pre-licensing course. Note: Test date should be within 10 days of registration. Once you are licensed, we will send you the link for contracting with our carriers.


Helping Families

We recommend all new agents write an application on themselves, spouse, or child as soon as they get login credentials. This can be a large or small policy - it does not matter! What matters is that you experience the process. Now you are ready to help families.

Let’s get together...

Our team is here to help you. Our new agent welcome webinar is every Monday at 12pm CST. You will want to make sure to make one of these New Agent Video Calls, as soon as possible.

See Your Vision come to life

Our Core Values 

Relationships matter, people come first
Open, honest, and productive communication
We work as a true team and strive to be a positive influence
Being of service and doing good in the world
Relentless pursuit of personal growth
We do the right thing even when no one is looking
We act like owners because we own it
We have fun and we get stuff done
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Our Story

Est. 2014 by brothers Brad, and Matt Smith. After a failed mattress business, and being $280,000 in debt, Brad and Matt decided to go ‘All-In’ with Symmetry Financial Group. 

Tragically, we experienced great loss when Matt passed unexpectedly in 2021. We were forced to re-imagine our future and lean into our unbelievable team. The Smith Master Agency now does excess of $25M per year in APV and has protected more than 3000 families.

Pro Training Materials


The B.E.S.T. script

Client Qualification Form

Mortgage Protection

Full Payoff

Critical Period

life insurance

Final Expense

live examples

80% Close Ratio


Carrier Cheat-Sheet


How We Communicate

We have weekly webinars designed to support you and your teams growing needs. Learn and be inspired to take your business to the next level. 

Events that change lives

Ignite 2024

Feb.6-8, 2024 / Dallas, TX
Ignite 2024 is a transformative event that will light a fire inside you that you never knew existed. Through thought-provoking talks and interactive activities, you will be inspired to take action and make meaningful life changes. We will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and discover your true potential.

Chase the Ace II

April.26- May 2, 2024 / Los Cabos, Mexico
Congratulations to all of our incentive winners! We will see you, and your families in Los Cabos 2024.

Stay tuned for our next team incentive vacation!

Meet Our Teams

Smith 130 Master
Brad Smith, Senior Partner
  • Smith Agency
  • Whitaker Agency
  • Setzer Agency
  • Ribich Agency
  • Taner Agency
  • Castano Agency
  • W. Smith Agency
  • Junior Agency
Auffort 130 Master
Nate Auffort, Senior Vice President
  • Auffort Agency
  • Villagran Agency
  • Guirola Agency
  • Williams Agency
  • Bender Agency
Faulkner 130 Master
Marlin Faulkner, Managing Vice President
  • Faulkner Agency
  • Brock Agency
  • Leidecker Agency
  • Berry Agency
  • Meeks Agency
  • Burger Agency
  • Earhart Agency
  • Coddington Agency
  • Atkins Agency
  • Craig Agency
Colburn 130 Master
Mike & Jennifer Colburn, Senior Vice Presidents
  • Colburn Agency
  • Santos Agency
  • Dilbert Agency
Clark 130 master
Christopher Clark, Managing Vice President
  • Clark Agency
  • Brown Agency
  • Johnson Agency
  • Haehl Agency
  • Diaz Agency
  • Schuster Agency
  • Hendricks Agency
Alvarado 130 master
David & Cindy Alvarado, Regional Agency Directors
  • Alvarado Agency
  • Quillen Agency
Manzano 130 Master
Josh Manzano, Regional Agency Director
  • Manzano Agency
  • Hudson Agency
  • Ho Agency

Carriers We Partner With