For Outbound Dialing & Appointment Setting

Ninja Dialer power dials leads, drops voicemails, sends emails and text messages, and automates post-dial workflow, all at the click of a button!

More Dials. Less Time.

Still working in the dark ages?  Start powering through your leads and be more productive in less time.

Stay Organized

Manage your contacts, appointments, follow-up tasks, pipeline stages, and client communication.

Cloud-based With No Delay

Call from anywhere on any device without downloading any software and with no connection delay.

Automate Workflows

Stop wasting time with the monotony. Automate post-call tasks like emails, texts, leaving voicemails, setting reminders, and more!

Business Reporting

Access activity reports, leaderboards, best calling hours, disposition summaries, call recordings and more.

It's Not Rocket Science

We built the dialer with ease-of-use in mind. Setup and use the dialer with little to no technical knowledge.


Includes the basic features to start calling leads and schedule appointments
$ 35
/ MO
  • 1 User Included
  • 1 Local Caller ID
  • 750 Minutes Included
  • 125 Text Messages
  • 125 Ringless Voice Drops
  • Insurance Dialer Only
  • Click-to-Call & Power Dialing
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Proximity Calendar
  • Auto-Rotate & Smarl Local IDs
  • Lead Management
  • Custom Dispositions
  • Email / SMS Confirmations
  • Voice / Email / Text Drop
  • Basic Reporting


Advanced features for increased productivity and better performance
$ 60
/ MO
  • All Basic features plus...
  • 3 Local Caller IDs
  • 750 Minutes Included
  • 125 Text Messages
  • 125 Ringless Voice Drops
  • Insurance & Recruiting Dialer
  • SMS Chat
  • Call Recording
  • Workflow Management
  • Zapier Integration
  • Bulk SMS (coming soon)
  • Live Call Monitoring (coming soon)
  • Tagging & Automation (coming soon)
  • Business Reporting


Customized solution for your specific business needs
$ 75
/ MO
  • All Professional features plus...
  • 5 Local Caller IDs
  • 1,500 Minutes Included
  • 250 Test Messages
  • 250 Ringless Voice Drops


Most frequent questions and answers

None. NinjaDialer is cloud based. Access our software and your contacts from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our dialer softphone is browser based, which means it doesn’t require any downloads or hardware. Plug your headset into your computer and NinjaDialer dials your leads one after the other. Streamline calling and lead management tasks as you go, and maximize live conversations. Reach up to 80 contacts per hour.

Our import wizard makes it easy to import leads via CSV file. Custom integration and API options are available as well for Enterprise accounts as well.

There are a couple ways of doing this.

1) Individual agents can pay for their own account, all managed under one admin portal. The admin can add, remove and manage agents, set permissions, distribute leads, run reports, and see agents live activity.

2) Group Leaders can cover the cost of all the agents, but still add, remove and manage agents, set permissions, distribute leads, run reports, and see agents live activity.

Yes, minutes, SMS, and ringless voicemails are shared across all users on your account.  That way you’re not purchasing extra minutes for each user and wasting unused minutes.  

No. With NinjaDialer there are no dropped calls or connection delays. You are on the call live to hear your prospect say “hello” and can begin speaking immediately.

We are currently working on 3rd party integrations.  Please submit your requests for the CRMs you would like to integrate with.  In the mean time, the Ninja Dialer CRM can be used to manage your leads and workflow process.

Absolutely. NinjaDialer features an elegant and intuitive CRM to help agents manage contacts throughout a workflow pipeline. Maintain detailed contact records including call and activity history, notes, tags, and more.

Yes. Once your account is created, you can upgrade your subscription, add minutes, SMS, ringless voicemail, caller IDs, and additional users anytime you’d like.

Minutes are only deducted when a call is connected.  In other words, minutes incur when a call is connected to a live person or a voicemail; ringing does not count against your minutes. 

Minutes are rounded to the nearest 1 minute.  For example, if you’re on a call for 4 min 45 sec, 5 minutes will be deducted.  If you reach a voicemail and it’s connected for 25 seconds, 1 minutes is deducted.

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