Pre-Contracting Steps to Getting Started

The first 5 steps should be completed within your 1st 24-48 hours. Once you have completed the first 5 steps please email [email protected] with your scheduled date for  your licensing state test. In the email subject line put      Phase 1 complete.  

    1. Complete the Anti-Money Laundering Quiz at   Click “Marketing Sales”.   User: “aml” (that’s an L, not an I) password: “course”   When the course certification page appears on the screen, after completion of the quiz, print and SAVE the certificate to your computer. This will need to be attached and included when you fill out your online application in the next step.  PLEASE remember when requested  ON THE FIRST PAGE OF YOUR CONTRACTING PAPERWORK, the recruited agent name is YOUR NAME and the Direct Upline name is the name of the person who introduced you Symmetry.
    2.  Complete the Symmetry Financial Group Online Application,  MAKE SURE IT IS COMPLETE and Include and attach ALL items: copy of a voided check to where you want to be paid, the money laundering certificate you printed off and saved, a copy of your life insurance license (if you have it), copies of your business license if you’re applying as a business entity (and articles of organization).
    3. Go to It will take a few days for the IT department to set your account up once your contract has been submitted and approved.  You will be able to use this website to access all of your training materials, software downloads, and insurance applications once your contracting has been approved by SFG and you are given a username and password that you will receive in your welcome email. 
    4. Sign up for your insurance license online course IMMEDIATELY.  This is a 20 hour online course and can be done from any computer with an internet connection.   You should be able to complete your course within 5 days to a week, but we suggest to take no longer than 2 weeks. Go to  You will select your state, and then choose the life only course.  The promotional code SFG8742 will be used to reduce the cost of the class from $150 to only $49 at checkout.
    5. Schedule your state exam:  It is important to go to to setup your account. Click on sign in on the right hand side of the screen, select insurance, then choose your state.  On the next page click on the link “create a web account.”  After doing so and logging into your account,  you will want to click on “schedule my exam” on the left hand side, choose the “Life Agent”  license and follow the prompts to see when the next available dates are in order to take your state exam.  I would STRONGLY encourage to set up your license date no more than 2 weeks out, depending on your available times to study, as when you put yourself into a “HAVE TO SITUATION” human beings will normally get it done, when they “HAVE TO.” This will cost around $50 to take the test.  To talk to someone directly about scheduling your exam or finding the address, please call Pearsonvue directly at 888-204-6259.
    6. Fingerprinting: Before you take your scheduled exam, you will need to get fingerprinted.  This can be done at a number of places.  Your local police station, UPS, staffing agencies, and sometimes banks offer this service for a small fee. A tool to use for this, depending on what state you are in is .

As silly as it may sound, many people get involved in a business (and YES you are now self-employed, and this is a business)  expecting to dedicate the same time, energy, and effort into the business based on the results it yields in the beginning. As smart as this may sound to some people, and dumb to successful people, expecting your business to produce the results you want without putting in the effort, is as silly as expecting a fire to give you heat with out first chopping the wood!  You can’t expect your business to produce results without FIRST putting in the necessary time, energy, and effort into making the necessary changes in YOU, and going through the steps required in order to get the results you want.

There is so much to learn about Symmetry that if you waited to learn everything before getting started you might as well not start.  Will you ever truly know everything about how your car works and operates before you drive it?  or do you just put in the key and trust that the engineers of the car figured out how to make it go!  Just like with your car,  Symmetry knows how to make it go, the only thing in question, is not the business or the vehicle, but how much of the market you want, and how fast you want to get it!  Most people fail to achieve success because they “think” they need to know everything upfront, and have ALL the facts before taking action.  That is about as silly, as before boarding a plane, that you DEMAND to know how this thousand ton object made of steel can fly, who actually designed the particular aircraft you are getting on, how much does it weigh, a background on the pilots, how long they have been flying, and a copy of the maintenance records.  We all know the plane flies, so just get on.  This is an earn while you learn business and there are tools in place to help you build your Symmetry  business without having to know everything upfront. If you follow these simple 10 steps for the next week or two,  you will then have your license to “fly the Plane” and will be hooked up with an experienced pilot every step of the way, until you can fly the plane by yourself! I look forward to hearing all of the new success stories coming from the fastest growing agency in Symmetry!

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