Pre-Booked Interviews set for you.

Do you need help building your team? Too busy to review candidates yourself? The Recruiting Co-Op offers solutions to all of your recruiting needs. Our team of professionals will review and schedule LICENSED QUALIFIED candidates directly on your calendar.


Create calendar link

Go to and sign up for a free account. Identify available interviewing times and link to your calendar. You will find very simple instructions on their site if help is needed.


co-op registation

Complete the tab located to the right of your screen. Please allow 3 business days after submission for our team to review information and identify your recruiting needs. You must be registered.


Package selection

After registration, participants will be directed to choose an appointment-setting package. You will have the ability to edit or cancel at any time, and as always, we appreciate your feedback.

What is the Recruiting Co-Op?


Successfully building a business is difficult. You are being pulled every direction, and find yourself continually looking for a way to make more time.

We understand and wanted to help. We are teaming up with the industries best people and using the industries best technology to bring you a time-saving, value solution for building your business.  

You can now get quality applicants scheduled directly on your calendar!  

We are currently in the test/beta/pilot phase of this new program. 

After the pilot program completion, all recruiting appointments will be set using Ninja 1.5. Co-Op participants will be required to have an active account. 

What does "Licensed Qualified" mean?

A licensed qualified appointment is considers a licensed agent who is interested in a position to sell life insurance. Candidates have been instructed this is a commission-only position. 

how many interviews should i expect?

Test participants will be scheduled at least 5 qualified interviews per open calendar day. Calendar availability will determine capacity. Interviews are scheduled in 15-min increments and within a 24hr timespan. Interviews set outside of the 24hr window have a much lower than average sit ratio.

how much does it cost?

Testing costs are $200 per week, or $800 per month FOR A LIMITED TIME. This includes all leads needed to book at least 5 interviews per recruiting calendar day, or 20 per recruiting week. The number of appointments will vary depending on schedule availability and appointment resolution. Greater use and completion will result in additional resources.