Welcome to The Setzer Agency, Powered by Symmetry Financial Group, fueled by the power of individuals willing to step out of the comfort zone and realize the pain of staying the same out weighs the pain of change.  You’ve made a decision to change the course of your life through a semester of sacrifice all while impacting others in a way to better theirs. Here, we will help you build a plan to put action behind decisions, and reach the success you desire! We are excited to have you on our team, and in the Symmetry Family.


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Day / Time (CST) Type Of Call Phone / Link Access Code
Monday 8am-12pm CST Pick Up The Phone and Start Dialing! https://zoom.us/j/404084467
Wednesday 11am CST SFG National Call 701-801-1220 497-968-958#
Thursday 9:30 CST Setzer Agency Call https://zoom.us/j/404084467
Friday 11am CST Smith Master Webinar 646-876-9923 772-514-841#


2019 Agency Owner
2018 Key Leader
2018 Symmetry Top Ten Producer
2018 Smith Master Agency Top Ten Producer
2018 Symmetry Top 3 Annuity Producers
2018 Symmetry Top Ten Producers
2017 Symmetry Top Producer
2017 Symmetry Golden Pen Award Winner
2017 Smith Master Agency Top Producer
2017 Future Achievers Award
4 Time Elite Producer

Agency Owner, Colby Setzer lives in Arkansas on his ranch, with his wife Johnna Setzer, and two daughters Saige Lariat Setzer, and Sway Legacy Setzer.  Colby’s past has nothing to do with insurance sales, he is second generation rodeo which he still actively competes at all year long, along side his wife and girls who also compete rodeoing.  His career outside of rodeo started in the Oil and Gas Industry where he learned and shaped his skills in in sales with a mechanical engineering background, all of which was lost when the boom went bust in 2016.  Left standing on his back porch looking across his place with mouths top feed, a family to protect, he jumped back in to sales in another industry only to find sorrow as that company fell apart, leaving him once again in the midst of life changing decisions as to what was next, and how was he goin to make ends meat; desperate to find a income to replace what he had and not lose his ranch and the we way of life his family had come to love, he was reluctant when the Aaron Holub reached out to him about Symmetry Financial Group.  Colby actually pushed the opportunity away 3 times before humbling himself to try something he knew nothing about.  With the coaching and guidance of his mentor, he found a place to call home and passion for what he does. He now spends his days protecting families across Arkansas, and Promoting the Symmetry Brand.  He loves what Symmetry has done for him and his family, its given him the ability to go back to living the life he always wanted.

West Smith:

Dustin Brasington:

“Brass Knuckles”  One of The Setzer Agencies’ first recruits, he never quits.  He came from the other side of the Equation regarding mortgages, he was the guy who told people how to consolidate debt or structure loans in an effort to save mortgages, or he was the one telling them they were losing their mortgage, now he’s protecting them and loves it.  He is rising fast as he continues to position himself no to miss a promotion.