Planning & Scheduling

Mortgage Protection & Final Expense, who, what, when, how much?

Everyone has a different amount they need to survive, and even more important, how much they need to thrive. By doing the Combination to your Safe you will be given a roadmap to how much activity is needed to meet and exceed your goals. It is very important you are honest with yourself and set your goals as realistic and obtainable as possible. The combination is going to help both you and your mentor to see the long-term goal and what it’s going to take to get there from here. You may find it helpful to update the combination worksheet as your skills continue to improve.

Remember an important part of knowing what it takes to achieve your goals is being accountable to yourself, your family, and the team. Small group coaching is made available to help you on the path to success. You can sign up for these groups through your Agency page.

#1 Most important aspect of being successful is the ability to GUARD YOUR SCHEDULE!

What does this mean? This means you must live by your calendar and be intentional with the use of time. You will learn in leadership development more about this topic but for now, its important you understand how to schedule important activities and have systems in place. Learning to only do an activity during its scheduled time is difficult to master but allows for the most productive use of time.


Agency Conference Call Schedule:

Select your manager for a detailed weekly conference call schedule. Set notifications and arrive early.