3- Coaching Groups

Small-Group Coaching:

It is important to get yourself involved in every aspect of training and resources available to you. One of the most important connections you will make is in the small-group coaching sessions. Every team has a group where Agents are given the tools to make realistic goals and the mentorship needed to exceed them. Each week, small-group members will openly discuss and help each other with the most challenging aspects of a business.

See your Agency page for sign up and details.

Phone Teams & Dial Parties:

Calling leads can be scary and daunting for even the most seasoned in our industry. This is why we created the power dialer software and host dialing parties each week! Agents of all leadership levels group together weekly to call leads and book appointments in real-time; giving you immediate feedback and support when you need it most. Speak with your upline about joining the party!

Team Conference Calls & Webinars:

It is very important to be on each and every scheduled call. See your Agency Owner’s page for your exact call schedule. Days and times vary greatly. The Smith Master Call will be posted on Monday of each week under the Webinars resources tab.