How to Get a Utah Insurance License

Utah Insurance Department Testing Provider (Prometric)
(801) 538-3800

1. Schedule and Pass a Licensing Exam

Exam Format

  • Each major line exam is given in a multiple-choice format.
  • Each exam contains “experimental” questions that are mixed in with the scored questions and are not identified. Pretest questions may not be covered in your educational materials and do not affect your final score!
  • The passing score required on each exam is 70%.
  • When you complete the exam, you will receive a score report marked “pass or fail”.
    • If you do not pass, you will immediately receive an unsuccessful exam results letter along with a diagnostic report indicating your strengths and weaknesses by exam portion.
    • If you pass, you will immediately receive a successful notification and performance summary on an exam results letter.
Utah Exam Information
Exam Code Exam Name Exam Time Total Questions
17-01 Producer’s Life 2 hrs 80
17-03 Producer’s Life and Accident/Health 2 hrs 30 min 100

2. Apply for License

After passing the exam, apply for your license at the kiosk in the testing center and print off the NIPR/Sircon application confirmation page. You will need this page to prove that your application is complete before you can be fingerprinted.

You can choose to apply for your license at a later time. Once you are ready, go to to submit your application. You will be required to return to a PSI testing facility for fingerprinting if you leave the testing facility without applying for your license, and you must show a copy of the NIPR/Sircon application confirmation page at your fingerprinting appointment.

3. Get Fingerprinted

Show the NIPR/Sircon confirmation page to the test center supervisor. They will take a digital scan of your fingerprints and send the results to the Insurance Department.

4. Print Your License

Once the application has been processed, you will be able to print off a copy of your license at by clicking on “Print a license”.  To check the status of your application, go to and click on “Check license application status”.