Step 4: Appointments

Using The Online Product Advisor and Consulting With Your Mentor

You scheduled some appointments, now what?

You scheduled some appointments and it’s time to figure out products they qualify for and put some options together.  If you are brand new, you’ll want to be in constant communication with your mentor every step of this process.  Here are the steps you should take to figuring out the best products for your client.

Reference Virtual Mentor

Consult With Your Mentor

Do A Risk Assessment

Reference Virtual Mentor (watch video below)

When scheduling your appointments, you should’ve collected the various health issues from each of your clients.  You will need this information to put into the Virtual Mentor to figure out what products they qualify for.  You’ll first need to create an account and select who your manager is.  They will receive an email informing them of your request and will need to approve you.  You may want to give them a heads-up so they can approve you right away.

The Virtual Mentor will give you a  3 recommended products, but you can click on the text below that list to see all products your client will qualify for. The First 3 Options are NOT necessarily the BEST or CHEAPEST, you will want to consult with your manager in order to make that decision on what is best for your client on a case by case basis.  You’ll also be able to access the following for each product:

  1. Agent Guide
  2. Build Chart
  3. Videos (product videos and sales training videos)
  4. Quoting Tools
  5. Link to Applications
  6. Underwriting Phone Numbers, and more

Consult With Your Mentor

In the beginning, you should ALWAYS call your mentor to make sure you’re on the right track. Having said that, understand that it is your responsibility to be educating yourself on each of the products you’re presenting.  The Virtual Mentor was designed to have everything you need to educate yourself about the products and how to present them by watching the sales videos next to each product.  As in Football, the coaches job is NOT to teach the players the game, what a football is, and why sometimes you get 3 points for kicking the ball through the yellow uprights, and why sometimes you only get 1 point for doing the same thing,  but in contrast, their job is to COACH and show the players what plays to run in a given situation, perfect their offense or defense, increase the accuracy of the execution of the plays they are running, and most importantly how to WIN the game!

(Your agency may have weekly calls available to further help teach you more about these products so check with your mentor to see what else might available.)

Do A Risk Assessment

Once you know what products to look at for your client, call the carrier underwriters and ask to do a risk assessment to make sure the client will qualify for the products recommended and get a tentative approval for each appointment PRIOR to going on the appointment.  The underwriter may ask you for further clarification on a certain health issue that you didn’t know to ask the client.  This will help you in knowing what questions to ask the client in the appointment if the health issues aren’t 100% clear.  For example, the client may tell you they have diabetes.  The underwriter will probably ask when it was diagnosed, are they taking insulin, what was their last blood sugar reading, what is their last A1C etc.  Doing risk assessments are one of the best ways to educate yourself on what questions to ask to be better at determining what products they truly will qualify for and in addition, to learn about the products we represent. Remember to ALWAYS write down the name of the underwriter you spoke to in the comments section of the application.