Step 5: Quotes

Download The Carrier Software & Creating Quotes

Quoting Software

There are two ways of running quotes: carrier software or mobile quoting websites.  The mobile quoting websites are quick and convenient, but the software is more thorough and will allow you to print illustrations for clients that explains what the policy covers.

To download carrier software, login to your SFG Back office and click on the “Carriers” tab.  FOLLOW ALL the directions to download the following software onto your computer.  Below are the main carriers you will be using at first. You can click on each link which will direct you to the individual carrier pages with the software downloads, agent guides, marketing materials, and even training on how to use that particular software etc. (note: the software is only Windows compatible, so if you’re using a Mac you can purchase Parallels Desktop ($79.99) or VM Fusion ($59.99) to run a windows version on your mac in order to download the quotes.  These programs allow you to run both your Mac and Windows operating system simultaneously!  If you do not have a current windows version you can buy that at the Microsoft Store Online and download that on your computer using your parallels desktop or VM Fusion desktop.)

If you are unable to download the software, login to your AM/AM site,  then select Illustrations tab.  It will operate just like the software in order to print & run illustrations.

Their software is web based & you will need to use the password USA to login. Click here to access Quick Quotes.

If you are unable to download the software, there is a web based online software that you can access to run illustrations and quotes using Firefox Click Here Username: agenttraining Password: Swatteam17 (S cap)

Americo no longer has downloadable software. You must be logged into “sales professional” to access.  If you are not yet contracted, please request your upline’s username & password to run illustrations if needed or use the Mobile Quoting Software.

Prior to completing your contracting paperwork with LSW, please click here and fill out the form to get “Limited Access” to their back office to run quotes (please read further instructions on that page).

If you are unable to download the software, utilize the mobile quoting tools as no illustrations for any products with this carrier should be needed.  For Immediate Solutions Product Click Here.

Mobile Quotes

If you are in the home or on the fly, you can use the mobile quoting tool by going to from your smart phone and clicking on the button called “Quotes”.

Examples of Running Quotes