Step 3: Calling Leads

Preparing to Call Your Leads

Watch the First 90 Days ~ 20 Minutes

Recommended Schedule for Calling

Day Time Note
Friday 10am-12pm; 1-8:30pm You should be able to get at least 5-10 appts during this time
Saturday 9am – 2/3pm You should be able to finish the # of Appts you committed to
Saturday 3/4pm – 7pm “Happy Hour Dialing” if needed
Sunday 2pm-6pm if needed to get the number of appts you need for the week
Mon-Thurs 5pm-8:30pm if needed to get the number of appts you need for the week

Calling your leads.  This is where you are digging the holes and planting the seeds in order to have the harvest you want.  You will need to allow a good 2 hours for this part of the training process.  DO NOT RUSH, as this is single-handedly one of the most important parts to Master in your Business.  Below you will find 3 Audios which will give you the introductory training on calling your leads. Remember the 10-10-10 rule.  This is the 1st part of your 10-10-10. Having a conversation with at least 10 people, and getting past the knee-jerk reactions in order to have those conversations.   Once you are able to accomplish this, you will need to reach out to your mentor and make sure to let them know what YOU said, and then what THEY said, so that your mentor can coach you on how to be more effective on the phone.  Once you have completed your 1st 10-10-10 assignment, you will be able to access the Advanced Rebutles Audio by filling in the 10-10-10 form.

Listen in Order & in their Entirety~ 3HR ~Training

4 Keys to a Successful Call
  • Who to Ask For?
  • How to Avoid Asking Permission
  • The Death Pause
  • The Delivery

New! Live Recorded Calls 


Listen to the following Audio PRIOR to Calling your leads

Print ALL the forms below to have with you when calling your leads

Remember to send your activity report to your manager each week after calling.

Make sure to print ALL the reports, forms and scripts above

Setup another phone number to call from for Free

As referred to in the “Getting Ready to Call Your Leads Audio.”

Getting an additional phone number to call from that can be

integrated for free on your smartphone is probably hands down

one of the best things you could do to reach more people.

Click Here to learn how to setup a FREE in-state or out of state

phone number to assist in calling your leads with Google Voice.

You are now entering into our progressive training platform Exclusive to our Agency. As you begin your training, we do not want to overwhelm you with so much information that you get ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.  You will UNLOCK additional information on each step as you complete the 10/10/10.  Some of the information you will need to unlock manually by entering the requested information, others will be done automatically by completing audio and video sessions.

#1 Have a conversation with at least 10 people on the phone

#2 Set 10 appointments

#3 Sit with 10 Clients.

IMPORTANT! Every time you complete one of the 10/10/10 you will fill in the Form below, selecting which 10/10/10 you have completed.  You will need to do EACH ONE separately as each step of the 10/10/10 unlocks more proprietary information that will help you in your Journey.  Once you have completed the 10/10/10, the REAL training begins.  You will receive a green check mark once each 10/10/10 is completed.  Let’s get started!

What you unlock: 




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What you unlock: 




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What you unlock: 




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Please fill out the following form after you complete EACH 10/10/10 assignment

Call in Leads are leads that are generated by a postcard that is mailed to the homeowner indicating that there is an urgent matter concerning their mortgage protection that can be resolved by calling into the following phone number and going through some simple prompts. If the homeowner completes all the prompts by entering in the requested data, then that lead is a Call in A Lead.  If for some reason the prospective client does not complete the phone prompts and does not request for an agent to speak with them about their options, this lead is then classified as a Call in 2 lead.  Although our posture is the same on the phone with all of the leads we call, these leads are handled slightly different in terms of the amount of information we get over the phone and the script is adjusted slightly to produce the best results on this lead type. Below you will find the necessary training on how to most effectively call this lead type and how to maximize your results with them.

Listen to The Intro to “Call In Leads”
What the Client hears when calling 800# on the Post Card
Intro to Calling “Call In Leads”
  • Having the right Mindset when calling
  • Low & Slow
  • Assume the sale
  • Book 50% of the people you speak with

View the Training Video on How to Call “Call In Leads”

Sample LIVE Calls & Coaching with Call In Leads

Print Script for Call In Leads

Instant Online Lead Training

Calling the NEW  Facebook Leads 

Tips on Calling 

  • Skip the “how are you” and “saying your last name or company name*
  • Take control, do not pause during the 1st paragraph, only ad lib if they seem like they want you to*
  • Assume the sale
  • Always, always, always AGREE! Ignore and don’t listen to any objections like:  I’m not interested, I don’t have time, I have no money, I already have coverage, etc -They do not actually mean any of this, they are just used to saying this to a salesperson

live Video on How to Call “The Facebook Leads”

How to get a hold of leads SUCCESSFULLY in the 1st 3 days

Final Expense Sales Presentation

Showing 5 Benefits & Getting Minor Agreements in the Home