Step 4: Appointments

Using The Online Product Advisor and Consulting With Your Mentor

I Got My Appointments:

~ Allow 40 Min for this Training

We have replaced the Am Am Home Certainty Product with Mutual of Omaha Term Express

You Scheduled Some Appointments, What are the Next Steps?

You scheduled some appointments and it’s time to figure out products they qualify for and put some options together.  If you are brand new, you’ll want to be in constant communication with your mentor every step of this process.  Here are the steps you should take to figuring out the best products for your client.

Organize your appointments you set with the lead on top and the Client Qualification form underneath. Example of how that looks (Click Here).

Email your appts to the person you are working with directly, an hr before your scheduled Saturday call. They will then put their recommendations on the form and forward them to their upline Key Leaders and Manager.  Get on your scheduled Saturday call with your Mentors. (Auffort Base Call  4 EST Time / Call in Number 712-770-5046pin 725765#/ Faulkner/Brock/Rudick/Page/Muonelo, Please call to get you dial in number.)

When you have been instructed on which products would be the best for your clients, either by the phone call or email, put together some quotes for each of the carriers to have options for the clients as outlined in Step #5.

1st thing Monday morning, Call the carrier underwriters and ask to do a risk assessment, or what I like to call a pre-approval, to make sure the client will qualify for the products that were recommended to you, and get a tentative approval from the underwriter for each appointment PRIOR to going on the appt. Remember to ALWAYS write down the name of the underwriter you spoke to in the comments.

If you are in the home and you uncover any other additional health information that differs, or is in addition to what you originally spoke to your mentor or underwriter about, call the carrier if they are open, to do another risk assessment to see if the client still qualifies for that particular product. If the carrier is not open,  call your mentor or agency manager before writing the application to make sure it’s the best product for the client or if you would need to go a different route.

Although it may seem overwhelming in the beginning with the amount of information you feel like you “NEED” to learn before calling your appointments, you will need to trust in the system that your mentor or manager will provide you with the correct product or products to fit your client’s needs. In reality, there is not much else for you to worry about or to learn but to take your qualification form and your lead and email it to the person that you are directly working with at  least an hour before your scheduled call, and listen to the below Audio prior to the call.


The Farmer vs the Hunter ~ 45 Minute Training Call ~

You will need to listen to this call PRIOR to getting on the Saturday Call 

 Maximize your Profits with Symmetry:

~Allow 45 Min for this Training

Make sure to watch this PRIOR to moving on to Step # 5