Step 5: Quotes

Download The Carrier Software & Creating Quotes

Product Training: 3-6-10 ~ Allow 15 min for this Training

Download & or Access Quoting Software & Web Based Software

There are two ways of running quotes: carrier software which can be downloaded or is web based on the carriers site,  or mobile quoting websites.  The mobile quoting websites are quick and convenient, but the software is more thorough and will allow you to print illustrations for clients that explain what the policy covers for certain products. Please see the guides for each company below.

Below are the main carriers you will be using at first. You can click on each link which will direct you to the individual carrier pages with the software downloads or access, agent guides, marketing materials, and even training on how to use that particular quoting tools.

Their software is web based.  Prior to completing your contracting paperwork with LSW, please click here and fill out the form to get “Limited Access” to their back office to run quotes (please read further instructions on that page. If you do not have access & need it instantly, contact your upline)

Their software is web based & you will need to use the password USA to login. Click here to access Quick Quotes.

There is a Web based/Mobile online software that you can access to run illustrations and quotes which is easiest and the quickest

Click Here

Americo no longer has downloadable software & web based. You must be logged into “sales professional” to access and run complete illustrations.  If you are not yet contracted, please request your upline’s username & password to run illustrations if needed (you will want to run  illustrations for Payment Protector) or use the Mobile Quoting Software for the simple HMS and Eagle premier quotes Click Here

 Login to your AM/AM site to run quotes,  then select Illustrations tab.  It will operate just like the software in order to print & run illustrations if needed. , You can use the mobile software for Dignity Solutions & Home Certainty unless you need an illustration for Return of Premium.

You will login into TransAmerica site and on the left side you will see Launch my TransWare where you will be able to do all the quotes for all products. Trans America Term Stil has a mobile Quoting tool Click Here to Access

The Science Behind Creating Quotes ~ Allow 1 HR for this training

Pick Your Concept, Carrier & Product
Full or Partial Mortgage Payoff
Mortgage Payment Protection 

Get Quotes
Quote AIG/E-app ~ Click Here 
Cash Accumulation & Growth

Utilize Our Mobile Quoting Software

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Below you can click on the carrier to take you to their mobile quoting tool which can be accessed from your COMPUTER, TABLET or even your PHONE. Remember that these tools will NOT provide illustrations.


Quote AIG/E-app ~ Click Here 

Quote John Hancock ~ Click Here 

Click and Print PDF Examples of Living Benefits, Cash Value, and Returns of Premiums to Take with You in the Home:

Disability Coverage:

Mutual of Omaha ~ 

Please read and study to make sure you are not offering Disability coverage to someone who does NOT qualify for it and or offering MORE to them that they qualify for.   For simple Math, 

Take what they qualify for with MOO and you would need to subtract any other disability coverage they would be receiving at work.  For example, if they qualified for $3,000 a month and they are already getting 1800/mo at work, then they would only qualify for $1,200 a month with MOO (the difference) 

If they qualified for $2000 a month with MOO and were only getting $500 at work, then they would qualify for $1,500/mo with MOO for the Disability Ryder 

Amount of disability cannot exceed 60% of client’s income and if they already have any type of group coverage, it can go up to 72% of the client’s income 

Example   Client earns $30,000 a year applies for a $200,000 APV policy.  They would qualify for  $3,000 a month for 1.5% of the face amount ($200,000) However they would ONLY qualify for $1,800 a month based on their income if they do not have any group insurance.  So the MOST the client would be able to get would be $1,800/mo   Now if they have a group plan in place, that number would be 72% of their income, or in this case $2,160/mo in disability MINUS any group coverage they have at work.  

CLICK HERE to Print Guidelines     They will qualify for whatever is lessor:

  • 1.5 percent of the face amount or
  • $3,000 per month or
  • 60 percent of the Insured’s monthly gross income

    (If group insurance disability coverage is in force, a maximum total benefit of 72 percent of the insured’s monthly gross income may be allowed.)