Licensing & Contracting

Getting Started with Symmetry

Contracting & Training

The contract link is sent by the recruiting sponsor or their Agency Owner. Contracting instructions will be provided with the link. Once contracting has been submitted, you will be given credentials to begin training.


getting licensed and contracted

You will take a pre-licensing course, pass the state licensing exam, and fingerprint for a background check. 

A contract link will be sent to you with instructions.

Meanwhile, you will join our team webinars.


understanding resources and training

Once you are fully contracted, you will be given credentials for our corporate website, Establish your accounts and complete the Quility U training. See our team reference library for more. 


start helping families

Your upline will help you to write your first policy on yourself as well as show you how to plug into our resources. 

Welcome to the most rewarding career of your life! 

we aren't afraid of trying new things

How to get an Insurance License

All states require completion of a approved pre-licensing course. Your upline sponsor will set you up with the correct course as well as a discount code for half off the total cost. Once you have completed the required online course, you will sit for your state life insurance exam. Some state require both life and health, but again, see your upline if you have questions. You will be asked to do fingerprinting and submit to the background check. You will go to and register for your license once the exam and background check are complete. NIPR (National Insurance Producers Registry) will issue your license on behalf of your state. You will then use the NPN (National Producers Number) and your license number to complete the contracting documents and submit.

Pre-Licensing Course Information

All states require completion of a approved pre-licensing course. Your Agency Owner has arranged a discount code and recommended course provider. If you are in a state where the provider does not have a program, your Agency Owner will give you another option. You are welcome to use any provider at full cost as long as they have been pre-approved by your state. You can use the logo’s below to register for their course.

Frequent Questions & Answers

The person who introduced you to Symmetry or your Agency Owner will send you a contracting link by email. 

If you need to change anything, email, phone, banking information. you will send an email to your Agency Owner and/or their assistant. You will also have to send this information to any Carrier that you are currently appointed with.