Many new agents are concerned on how to be contracted with each carrier that we write business with and particularly how this process works.  Below you will find an explanation and detailed directions on how you will be contracted with all of the carriers:  These Emails will most likely come from [email protected]

Symmetry Financial Group  (SFG)  will pre-appoint (contract you with the carrier prior to wrting any business)  each new agent with the following carriers immediately upon contracting, in which you will receive and email requesting you approve your appointments:

American Amicable 


Mutual or Omaha 

Trans America 

United Home Life ~ You will be contracted once you submit your 1st piece of business (GA, LA, PA, TX, & NH  will need to request pre-appointment) 

Click on the Email Button Below to View the  Contracting Email you will be Receiving:

You will Have 48 Hours to Respond to the Above Email, or you Will NOT be Pre-Appointed

There are so many steps to this process, that they dedicate a lot of time to it.  That being said… the office has had OVER 100 agents in the past 30 days alone who have not confirmed their appointments. This is disheartening, because the home office could be spending that time on agents who are eager to get started and ready to write! You will receive an email from the contracting department asking your to confirm all your appointments, with the carriers and instructions on how to do this.  Please let us know right away if for some reason you or someone on your team are not interested in pursuing a career with Symmetry anymore so we can stop the process?

For the remainder of the carriers, SFG will submit your contracting paperwork to those carriers when you submit your FIRST piece of business with that particular carrier.  If you are in a pre-appointment state ( A state where you are required first to be contracted with that carrier prior to submitting business)  for a particular carrier, you will need to request to be contracted with them prior to submitting your first piece of business by emailing your manager with the request to be contracted with that carrier.  See Below for the list of states that require pre-appointment for each carrier.

With that said, once the email is sent out for the pre-appointment of the 4 carriers, you have 48 hours to confirm your appointments as outlined in the email.  The office will not be able to re-send agents their links if they have already been sent.  They will  copy each manager and their administrative staff on every link.   When the office sends a contract to the carrier they add it to OPT, so if you have  confirmed it will show in OPT that your contract has been completed.

**Important!  Please follow instructions below:

Your SFG contracting paperwork that you completed when first applying to work with SFG, is the information they forward to each specific carrier to ensure you are contracted properly with them and that your monies are deposited into the bank account of the voided check that you provided.  If any information such as your mailing address or bank information changes you will need to email [email protected] to update your information with them.

There are certain carriers who DO REQUIRE additional information or steps in contracting with them:

NLG/LSW:   Fill out Form to the Right

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IMPORTANT:  Prior to completing your contracting paperwork with LSW, please fill out the form to the right to get “Limited Access” to their back office to run quotes and illustrations.  Expect this can take up to a week for them to complete. Once you receive your login and password, it will remain the same once your contracting paperwork is complete.

If you plan on writing annuity business with this carrier you must complete their annuity training requirements in your state FIRST before writing business, as well as their product specific annuity training for their company.  Please contact the carrier directly to find out what is required in your state once your contracting paperwork is submitted.  You will be assigned an agent number once you submit your first piece of business for both Life or Annuity.

Thank you for your assistance!

If you haven’t done so already on Step #1: Please complete the Following


All agents requesting/writing Americo must complete LIMRA AML training If you wish to write business with Americo they will gladly complete contracting once you let us know that you completed LIMRA. Make sure to do this PRIOR to submitting new business to Americo or through

NLG/LSW Access

Request access to NLG/LSW website before appointment

Pre-Appointment States
American EquityMT, PA
AmericoAL, GA, KY, LA, MT, OH, PA, PR, WI, VA
AvivaPA, MT
Baltimore LifeAL, FL, IN, KS, LA, MO, MT, NJ, OR, PA, GA
ForestersLA, PA, CT, MA, NM
GenworthPA, MT
GerberGA, LA, PA, WI, PR
Mutual of OmahaPA, MT
North Americannone
Voya (ING)none

Certain States Require Pre-appointment:

What this means, is simply, if you are licensed in a state that a carrier requires pre-appointment, you MUST be pre-contracted with that particular carrier BEFORE writing business with them.  This is obviously the exception to the rule, as in most cases and states, you will be contracted as you write business, and contracting will not be completed until AFTER you have submitted your first piece of business.

If you need to be Pre-appointed with a carrier, please Click Here, and scroll down to “Request Carrier Contracting”