I work with a Financial Services company who just recently partnered with a company called Tax Law Solutions who specializes in tax savings for small business owners like yourself. They currently have over 52 different tax strategies that can be customized for you and your business. Just by implementing a few of these strategies, they helped my business partner save over $87k on his Taxes last year. One of the services they offer is a free, no cost, no obligation, 2nd opinion on your taxes. Don’t worry, you can continue using your CPA, Accountant, or Tax Advisor that you have in place now,  they aren’t trying to replace them or do their job in any way.  Just to give you a little insight,  they are currently saving the clients I have been referring them anywhere between 25-35% on their taxes.  I guess my question for you is, would it be worth 15 minutes of your time to get on the phone with them, for an introductory call to understand who they are, what they do and to see if you qualify for any of the strategies above and beyond what you and your tax advisor may already be implementing? Great, I know they are extremely booked up with the number of clients our firm is referring over to them since most businesses are wanting to implement these strategies as quickly as possible for 2019, so let’s see what I can do to squeeze you in. Let me pull up their calendar real quick. 

Setting the Appointment

Set an appt with your business owner and Tax Law Solutions

  1. Setup a time to have your business owner get on the phone with TLS by clicking the button below
  2. Fill out the form in its entirety
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Overcome Objections

If you knew that you were 30% over on a budget line item on your P&L you would do something about it pretty quickly, wouldn’t you ?  Well,  it would make sense to look at your taxes the same way because that’s a controllable expense on your P&L wouldn’t it?

If you were going to implement a tax strategy or strategies to drastically reduce the amount of taxes you pay this year, it would make sense to apply those strategies as soon as possible, as opposed to waiting, wouldn’t it?

If you were going to start saving money on the amount of taxes you pay, when would be a good time to start implementing those strategies?  5 months from now, 5 weeks from now, or 5 minutes from now?

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