Step 1: Systems

Websites, Passwords, Agent Handbook & Getting Contracted With The Carriers

Setting up your Passwords and Logins with SFG

Symmetry has 2 main websites: (corporate website) and (lead management website).

You should have received your login for when your Unlicensed Agent Enrollment Form or Contracting Paperwork (if you were already licensed) was approved, from SFG.     If you haven’t received it yet, please send an email to your mentor.

You will be given your login for OPT! from SFG, once you have submitted your license and your completed contracting paperwork has been approved.

When using the Opt! site, it’s recommended you use Chrome,  Internet Explorer 11 internet browsers and make sure to configure your browser settings in order to display the online portal properly. (Note: Firefox  and Safari are no longer supported browsers for Opt!) If you have technical difficulties, you may call OPT technical support team at 908-232-9968 to have them walk through it.

Getting Contracted with the Carriers

You MUST be contracted with Symmetry to Complete this Step REQUIRED BY Mutual of Omaha & Americo.   Log onto the course at

Username: Your Username is your National Producer Number (NPN). If you do not know your NPN and would like to look it up, please visit the National Insurance Producer Registry’s website. (You will need this in order to Login)

First-Time Users: Your initial password is your last name (lowercase letters). Please be sure to include any spaces or special characters like apostrophes and hyphens.

Please note that you will not receive a paper certificate of your completion of the course. The HomePage shows what percentage of the course you have completed. If your progress is less than 100%, you did not complete the entire course. When your progress is 100%, you have completed the entire course. Please print this page for your records. You do not have to notify anyone when you complete the AML Training Course. LIMRA will provide a report informing the carriers that you have completed the course.

Should you have technical questions related to accessing the training site, navigating within the LIMRA site, or forgot your password, please contact LIMRA’s customer support help line at 866.364.2380.

Click on the buttons below to review Contracting procedures & Access Carrier Contact Information When needed

Get your E & O Coverage

E&O Insurance is a professional liability insurance that protects agents against claims made by clients for negligent actions.  Errors and Omissions insurance covers both court costs and any settlements up to the amount specified on the insurance contract. Click here for complete instructions.

Review The Symmetry Handbook

This will answer all of your questions including but not limited to:

  • Mission Statement
  • Code of Conduct
  • Corporate Office Contact Info
  • Authorized & Unauthorized Acts
  • Commissions
  • Contracting Procedures
  • Important Terminology & Language
  • Promotion Guidelines
  • Levels of Leadership Chart
  • Bonus Structure
  • Contests & Trips
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Leads
  • OPT! Lead Inventory
  • New Business Submittal
  • Agents Termination or Withdrawal

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