Step 2: Leads

Ordering & Printing Off Your Leads

Placing Your First Lead Order


Have a Conversation with your Mentor/Manager:

It’s important to have a conversation with your Mentor/Manager about what kind of leads to purchase (5A leads, 4 A leads, etc.), how many leads, & what counties to purchase them from.

Figure out How Much Money You Want to Make:

The good news is, there is a science to this business, this is NOT a guessing game.  You have the ability to buy your own production here, & print your own money.

Watch the Unlocking the Combination to your Safe to Print your Own Money:

To better understand the philosophy of how many leads to order

Use the Combination to Your Safe Tool:

 Watch the video “What is the Combination” & then Click on the “Unlock my Safe Button” and enter in the combination

How Many Leads Should I Order

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If you haven’t done so already, make sure to print out “Outlining Your Success Worksheet” and send it to your manager or the person you are working with so that they can help game plan your success.  You will need to consult with your mentor or manager on the amount of money you would like to make your first month, and they will provide you with the information on the number of leads you need to get, the number of contacts you need to make, and the number of appointments you will need to set in order to accomplish your monthly income goal.  On average on the 5A, and 4A leads, for every 10 people you get a hold of, you should be able to set 1 to 2 appointments. So obviously if your goal is to set 10 appointments your first week out and you only get 40 5A leads, chances are very good you will NOT get a hold of all 40, and even if you did, the number of appointments you can expect to get would be 4-8. So again, make sure to have the number of resources “leads” to get the number of appointments you want.  The combination WORKS every time, we just need you to tell us what’s in your safe, so we can show you how to unlock it. (use the Combination to Your Safe tool below to figure out what you need to do to make the $$ you want.) [/memb_has_any_tag]

How many leads you get will greatly affect how many appointments you set.  The number of appointments you set will greatly depend on how many people you get ahold of, which is greatly affected by the number of dials you make. Don’t be like many beginners and confuse ACTIVITY vs PRODUCTIVITY!  You can be very “Active” yet accomplish nothing.  You could spend hours organizing your leads, your paperclips on your desk, making sure you call at the right times, and worse yet, STOPPING after making a certain numbers of dials or contacts as opposed to continuing to do the ACTIVITY necessary to have the PRODUCTIVITY of setting the actual number of appointments needed to earn your desired income that week! You hold the combination to the amount of income you want to earn.  Successful agents utilize this tool to understand exactly what they need to do in order to generate the income they desire.  After finding out the numbers that make sense for you, please consult with your mentor on how to put these numbers into action.

Combination to Your Safe Tool

Watch the video on the left "What Is My Combination?" then click on "Unlock My Safe"


Ordering Final Expense Leads


How To Order Leads in Opt-Soft

How to Print off your leads

PLEASE NOTE: Your lead order should be placed by Wednesday Night if you would like to receive your leads by Friday to begin calling to set appointments for the following week.

Below you will find the Standing A lead order form and the One Time A lead order form:

 For an Extensive Explanation on All Questions that you may have about leads, please Click Here.

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