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Mission for agency: We provide peace of mind and sustainable income for our clients and their family during retirement and beyond.

Our Vision: We have a team of 100 Agency Owners and 10,000 agents focused on achieving their financial goals while generating 100million in annual revenue

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About Josh

After Josh’s dream of becoming a professional baseball player came to an end, he made a decision to use his coaching and leadership skills that he acquired through baseball to put them into building an agency. 

In less than 2 years, he became agency owner and He has one of the top agencies that specializes in advanced sales and now exceeds nearly 4 million per year in APV.

He has a passion for coaching others and pushing them to their full potential that mimics his strength and conditioning experience. 

Our Agency Owners

An Agency Owner has a minimum of $30,000 net placed for 3 months with 6 sales reps (4 direct) for each qualifying month. (Target submit of $50,000) In order to qualify for Agency Owner you must be at a 105% contract level.

Symmetry provides agents with everything they need to build their own business through true contractual ownership. You have the ability to earn both time and money with system-driven income. You can pass on the business you’ve worked hard to build to a loved one.

Agency Owner

Elisha Hudson

After being in the fitness industry for 10 Years before 2018, Elisha ultimately had to leave the personal training industry due to a chronic knee injury, this was due to competitive college basketball and bodybuilding. Joining the insurance industry in 2018 with Asurea (SFG sister company) Elisha was Rookie of the Year, since 2018 Elisha has been in the top 10 of life production, and since 2020 in the top 3 of annuity production with Asurea, having the blessing of moving into Symmetry in 2022 Elisha is now focused on building a team of “Leaders empowering Leaders” which is her Agency’s motto. Born and raised on a farm in Wisconsin; Elisha is passionate about changing the lives of others both personally and professionally as she has had the blessing of growing herself in the last few years. Elisha has some massive goal in the next few years that she is looking forward to accomplish with her team by her side. 

Agency Owner

Nicolas "Keahi" Ho

Born in Hawaii, based out of Portland, Oregon, joined the industry in 2015. Keahi (pronounced: Kay-Ahh-Hee) is working with his leaders to build a West Coast-based agency team under the guidance of Josh Manzano & David Alvarado. We specialize in life and annuity production and love to lead with service and education for clients and fellow agent mentee’s. The Ho Agency broke into the $1M+ range in 2022 and is poised to achieve greater heights in 2023.