1- Leads

Mortgage Protection & Final Expense


Symmetry produces hundreds of thousands of leads while continuing to seek out new opportunities. Although it all began with direct-mail, Symmetry has expanded its lead systems to include Internet Marketing, Annuities, and Debt-Free Life. As the market evolves, the leads and systems will continue to change and expand. Symmetry is always looking for new ways to add value to customers, and offer quality lead sources for all of their agencies.  Your upline or their support staff are able to answer any questions you may have.

Standing Lead Order Forms:

Below you will find the Standing A lead order form and the One Time A lead order form.  You may submit one-time lead orders, but to have consistent results you will need a consistent supply of leads.  Based on the information you put into the “Combination To Your Safe” on the previous lesson, print and fill out the following forms with your results.  In other words, when you put how much money you wanted to make per month, it told you how many “Bonus Leads” you would need to have every week.  Put that number, along with the counties you want them in, and email it to your Agency Manager.  We recommend having a conversation with your mentor before submitting this.

Lead Order Forms Click Here.