1- Finding the Best Product

Watch the demo video below

Once you’ve narrowed down the product options for your appointments, consult with your mentor to determine the best option.  Your mentor may have some insight that you haven’t considered.

The Virtual Mentor is a tool created to recommended products for your client.  It will give you 3 recommended products, but you can click the link that says “Click here to see all available products” to see all products your client will qualify for. The first 3 suggestions are typically the best; however, you’ll want to consult with your mentor in order to make that decision as it can vary case-by-case.  Also on the search results page, you’ll be able to access the following for each product:

  1. Agent Guide
  2. Build Chart
  3. Videos (product videos and sales training videos)
  4. Quoting Tools
  5. Link to Applications
  6. Underwriting Phone Numbers, and more

Getting quotes through Virtual Mentor

While you’re viewing your product options in the Virtual Mentor, you can click the “Run Quote” link next to each product to running quotes.  Some may require a login and password to the carrier websites, so if you have not yet been contracted with the carriers, you’ll need to have your mentor assist you.


Once you know what products to write, call the carrier underwriters and ask to do a risk assessment to make sure the client will qualify for the products recommended and get a tentative approval for each appointment PRIOR to going on the appointment.  The underwriter may ask you for further clarification on a certain health issue that you didn’t know to ask the client.