6 – On-Boarding Process


“Getting Started”makes it simple and easy to onboard your new Agents.


Simply log into the Agenttraining.info site and click the “Getting Started” tab. Your prospective Agent can either do the Onboarding and Setup prior to your Game Planning session, or during the scheduled onboarding time. All new Agents are required to submit valid contracting and complete the necessary licensing prior to doing system or Carrier specific training.

Below you will find more detailed instructions on how to coach your new Agent through the Getting Started Onboarding process.


Onboarding & Setup:


It is important they understand the contract will not be submitted to the corporate office until everything has been uploaded and filled out correctly. The contract is stored at the corporate office and used to appoint Agents with Carriers as policies are written. Although the initial contracting process is lengthy and specific, it allows for quicker Carrier appointments and faster payments.

What happens when a contract is submitted?

  1. The Candidate and their Recruiter will get an email saying the contract has been submitted for review.
  2. A contract notification is sent to the Manager or Manager’s Admin for review.
  3. If the contract is in good order, it will be sent to corporate for final processing. If not in good order, the Candidate will receive an email stating the errors and a link to correct them. This process repeats until the contract is in good order. Contracts for un-licensed Agents will be held until licensing is complete.
  4. Once the contract has been sent to the corporate office, they will fully process within 48-72 hours and issue login credentials for the Corporate and Lead system sites.

Common mistakes on contracts are as follows:

  1. Incorrect Manager on New Producer Form
  2. Less than 7 years of Employment History
  3. All negatively answered questions must have an explanation
  4. EFT Form must match voided check
  5. State life insurance license clearly uploaded
  6. When signing the documents, sign clearly

Pre-Licensing Sign Up

This section will inform Agents on what to expect from the pre-licensing process. The quicker someone gets through the pre-licensing course, the greater the possibility they will finish and go on to become a writing Agent. By setting the right expectation, you are empowering them to be successful from the beginning. Pre-Licensing discount codes are issued to qualifying Managers and their team. Codes can be found on each Manager’s agency page. You must use this code during checkout.

Getting Appointed With Carriers

The process is done completely through the corporate office when a first-time policy has been written. Those Agents living in pre-appointment states will be processed automatically. All first-time applications must be marked and will take slightly longer to issue due to the back-end appointment process.

E & O Insurance

There are select Carriers that require Agents to insure themselves against errors and omissions. We have listed two vendors but Agents are welcome to shop around. Those Carriers that require it, will ask for proof to be submitted.



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