2. Virtual Mentor Campaigns

The Virtual Mentor Campaigns module was designed to make the interview scheduling process simple and streamlined.  Think of a “campaign” as a folder to organize a list of contacts.  You can organize them by lead source (i.e. CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, etc), by lead type (i.e. realtors, sales reps, insurance agents, etc), by location or any combination.



Once you’ve created a campaign name, there are many ways to get contacts into the campaigns:

  1. Import a list by uploading a CSV file (from ZipRecruiter, etc)
  2. Connect your CareerBuilder Automation search module to the campaign
  3. Connect your Google Contacts
  4. Connect your Outlook Contacts
  5. Connect your LinkedIn contacts
  6. Connect your Facebook contacts

Watch the video tutorial below to learn more about the Campaign Module of the Virtual Mentor and how to sign-up to use it.