3 – Call With An Expert

3-Way Calling

You need someone besides yourself to point to as a reason you are going to be successful. Who is teaching you the success pattern? This is where you lean on your Upline and those who are experts


How do I conduct a 3way call?

  1. Call the Candidate and let them know you will be adding the Manager/Leadership. Tell the Candidate a brief overview of who will be joining the call, being sure to edify them. The objective is to make sure the prospect has a high level of respect for your leader.
  2. Contact Manager/Leadership and merge the calls. You will edify both the Manager and the Candidate to each other. When edifying the Candidate, it’s very helpful to restate to the Manager what their potential or goal is going to be should they join our company.
  3. MUTE YOUR PHONE! You have introduced the expert, now you listen. The only time you should speak is when asked a question.