1 – 1st Interview


  • Listen & ask questions. Identify they’re “Why”
  • Talk about resume and let them tell you their struggles and need, or want, for change.
  • What did you like/dislike about what you’ve done? (This is the Why)
  • What specifically are they looking for in their next career?

Once you’ve established an interest, it’s time to schedule the 2nd interview.  A good transition statement…

“You seem like the type of person we’re looking for with ________ and ________ (integrity, strong work ethic, good with people, or whatever qualities you think accurately represent them).   I think we’ve established that Symmetry can help you get __________ without __________ (insert the things they said they liked and disliked).  So let’s go ahead and schedule a 2nd interview for the next day or two, where we’ll have more time to dig into more of the details and answer more of your questions.  We do interviews on _______ and _______, which of those days works better for you?”