1. CareerBuilder



CareerBuilder is a great recruiting platform for cold market recruiting, primarily because much of the process can be automated.  Watch the video above to learn more about the platform and how it integrates with the Virtual Mentor to auto-pull resumes, send emails, texts, and voicemails.

How it works:

Each Career Builder seat will allow up to 300 resume “pulls” per day. The CareerBuilder Module on the Virtual Mentor will automatically log into your account(s) and pulls the maximum number of viable candidates for you each day based on keywords in their resume that you specify and the cities/states that you want to target. The system will then leave a pre-recorded voicemail with those candidates and email them on your behalf requesting they visit your landing page to watch the Corporate Overview. The software will continue to contact up to 11 additional times (once/month) over the 12 month period. You will have the ability to customize each email template that gets sent out.

To learn more and sign-up for CareerBuilder, visit and complete the form at https://agenttraining.info/career-builder/.

How are Candidate’s found?

We can provide you with recommended keywords, but ultimately, you have full control to create searches based on numerous criteria, including keywords, how recently the resumes were updated, the level of education, the location of the candidates, and probably 100 more search criteria. You will be able to run reports every day

to see how many new candidates were pulled and emailed for each of your CareerBuilder accounts.

How do I get a Career Builder Seat?


By completing the form below, a Career Builder Seat will be initiated in your name. Each seat is a 6-month contract and is the responsibility of the owner.


Who do I contact with Career Builder account questions?

Our special account representative is Marty Erfort at Career Builder. Marty is available for questions by email at [email protected].